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DLP - What is Data Loss Prevention?

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 11, 2019 3:41:15 PM / by James Braunstein

James Braunstein



DLP - Keeping Sensitive Data Safe from Leaks


The widespread adoption of Cloud computing has changed the way we do business by evolving how and where we store our Data.  Whereas data still resides within the organization, the average company keeps more than 30% of their data somewhere else in the cloud. 


It’s a Cloud Revolution!  Online Cloud Platforms such as DropBox, G-Suite and Office 365 have added convenience to our lives with on-demand storage, easy accessing of files, etc.  However, corporate data is now spread across multiple platforms, which increases the risk of a Cyber Breach.


Data Loss Prevention. (DLP) is a technology that can monitor occurrences that can lead to an information ‘Data Leakage’ or ‘Data Breach’ from within the corporation and the cloud.  Different types of DLP solutions exist, all of which add to Securing the organization.   DLP collects information on what data is being accessed, by whom as well as, if the data is sent out, where was it sent to.  With detailed reports, you can analyze behaviors within the organization, protect sensitive data with pinpoint accuracy and find out if something is out of the ordinary.


How much of your information is considered confidential and may be at risk?  This is the first question when implementing a DLP Strategy.  By identifying sensitive points, you can find out what data your employees store and share and fingerprint the sensitive data. 

Data can reside on a number of software/devices (ie: servers, databases, PCs, portable drives and mobile devices) and can travel through a variety of network entry points (wired, LTE, VPNs, etc.), all organizations require a custom DLP solution.   


(DLP) monitors data as it moves in and out of the organization.  It can prevent unauthorized disclosure of data by creating and enforcing security policies. 


At apii we’re confronting the problem of data loss, data recovery and data leaks head on.



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James Braunstein

Written by James Braunstein

James Braunstein is the CTO of apii - a security focused IT provider located in Toronto. james@apii.com - 416-639-1441

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