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5 Cyber Security Pro Tips

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 31, 2017 12:42:40 PM / by James Braunstein

James Braunstein

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Data spans across your “Digital Footprint”.   From the Desktop or Laptop you use daily, to your mobile phone and tablet.  The infiltration of personal and corporate data is one of the the greatest cyber security threats of today.  Here are 5 simple tips the Pros use to better safeguard their Digital Footprints from Viruses, Malware, Rootkits and CryptoLocker RansomWare.

Step 1 - OS Updates

To keep it simple - Update, Update, Update!

Hackers are very good at exploiting recently found “Holes” or vulnerabilities in your Computer/Smartphone’s OS (Operating System). Updates contain Patches which fix those holes in your OS. Vendors such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple are doing their best to include the latest patches in their updates.  Don’t wait,  UPDATE!

Step 2 - Passwords

Create Unique and Secure Passwords:

Never use the same password for two or more services or share your password with your colleagues.  Passwords should as well be Complex; meaning that they:

  •  Don't contain words of any kind
  • Aren’t too short
  • They include letters, numbers and symbols(if possible)
Password Management Software like 1Password or One Login are available to securely assist in dealing with the plethora of logins we all deal with daily.

Step 3 - Public WiFi

Stay away from Public WiFi:

If you’re on a Starbucks WiFi for example, are you sure you are really using their WiFi or someone else that’s spoofing or pretending to be the Starbucks Router?  What about convention centres or your local mall? 

At apii we recommend solely using your own Cellular Internet as you’re safer on a Hot Spot from your mobile phone or Internet "Puck".  Ask us how to get an internet "puck" (mobile HotSpot) you can take almost anywhere in the world.

Always have a secure connection. Get a Wifi Puck


Step 4 - Backup

Create and Apply a Backup Policy:

Automated Backup to another Location or Secure Cloud is the only way to go.  Backup is the ultimate protection against Cyber threats like CryptoLock RansomeWare and is the best way to protect your Data from a computer hardware crash.  Make sure you’re choosing a reputable backup provider here that will guarantee the recovery of your data.


Step 5  - Use 2 Factor Authentication

2FA - (Two Factor Authenticaion):

In addition to your normal login and password combo, 2FA uses a randomized secondary password requested when you login to a service or app.; forcing you to enter that secondary password for services like Google, Apple iCloud, and Slack is a good way to lock things down.  2FA can utilize your mobile phone for passthrough or safely generate passwords for you.  It’s a powerful way to help secure your Digital Footprint.



By following all or most of theses above best practices, you will be the Cyber Security Slooth of your organization.  Share these cybersecurity tips with them.

 How Secure is your organization? 

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James Braunstein

Written by James Braunstein

James Braunstein is the CTO of apii - a security focused IT provider located in Toronto. james@apii.com - 416-639-1441

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